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Collection: Turquoise Belt Buckle

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Turquoise belt buckle is a fashion accessory that date back to the 1800s. Originally, they were created as a practical answer for the fastenings on concha belts. However, over time, they have become a beautiful and elaborate addition to any outfit.

Native American jewelers have added their own unique twist on the classic belt buckle by incorporating turquoise stones and a wide variety of decorative designs. From the 1900s to the present day, men and women wear these turquoise belt buckle as a way to express their personal style. Many of these pieces have even become highly sought valuable collectibles.

Navajo turquoise belt buckle?

Captivating natural turquoise stones are used to create the Navajo turquoise belt buckle. These are bezel-set in a sterling silver display with a natural theme. Handcrafted sterling silver flowers, leaves, swirls, and drips are among the intricately crafted elements. The gorgeous Navajo turquoise belt buckle is definitely that special item of jewelry that is truly timeless piece that could be passed on for generations to come.

Turquoise belt buckle men?

Some of the metal of turquoise belt buckle men belt buckle is made from zinc alloy and a genuine turquoise stone. Turquoise belt buckle men would match with most of outfits for different occasion, such as costume party, rodeo set, birthday party, ceremony etc. Turquoise belt buckle men make an ideal gift for men.

Vintage turquoise belt buckle?

Awesome vintage turquoise belt buckle is sturdy and heavy with a large gorgeous turquoise stone. Item secures with a pin and metal bar. Vintage turquoise belt buckle would make a stand out addition to your belt.

Silver turquoise belt buckle?

Silver turquoise belt buckle is made with genuine turquoise. Silver turquoise belt buckle is certainly an eye-catcher. Many well-polished and smooth turquoise stones are inlaid in the silver buckle that is perfect accessory for any outfit.

Big turquoise belt buckle?

Big turquoise belt buckle depicts the universal symbol of the 1960's and it's still relevant today! A vibrant display that was crafted using a Navajo technique of chipping stone and inlaying it into silver. Big turquoise belt buckle is an updated blast from the past, that will never go out of style!