Collection: Turqoise Earings

Check out the amazing Turquoise earrings collection from Turquoise Trading Co.

Turquoise earrings are frequently used in jewelry, particularly in the Middle East and the American Southwest. It is one of the earliest protection amulets and was a sign of wealth and prosperity in many prehistoric cultures. It has been linked to a relationship with the spiritual realm.

These exquisite turquoise earrings will allow you to carry on this age-old custom. Getting your ears pierced was usually considered a rite of passage in many American Indian tribes. gives you the freedom to have the ideal sense of style for any situation!

Turquoise earrings studs?

Turquoise earrings studs green turquoise stone is the color of happiness and optimism. It is also the color of love and elegance. Wearing Turquoise earrings studs can help you express your power of love!

Turquoise earrings hoops?

Adding one of these turquoise earrings hoops for ladies can give any outfit a boho flair. Elegant turquoise earrings hoops are gentle on sensitive ears, designer turquoise earrings hoops have a simple clasp.

Turquoise earrings gold?

Gorgeous turquoise earrings gold has a vibrant turquoise feature natural inclusions and contrast with unique copper veins plated with luxurious gold.  Turquoise earrings gold is a great gift for anyone on your list. Perfect for individuals who wish to make a traditional statement for everyday wear.

Turquoise earrings dangle?

Turquoise earrings dangle provides you with the flexibility to have the perfect sense of fashion for any occasion. Take pleasure in the simplicity and experience primitiveness on your skin. Feel nature and originality. Turquoise earrings dangle is stunning colored earrings will enhance your appearance!

Turquoise earrings silver?

Turquoise earrings silver has long been coveted for its beauty, lore, and allure. Sterling silver settings display inlays of reconstituted turquoise in a sky-blue color. Wearing turquoise earrings silver will also find yourself to be more charming and elegant.