Collection: Turquoise Necklaces

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Turquoise necklaces are a priceless item of jewelry that have long been treasured by royalty and other influential people. It is a very sought-after gem since it is purported to have energy connected to heaven.

Even now, turquoise necklaces is still worn as a status and wealth symbol by people all over the world. Each piece of Navajo turquoise jewelry is entirely unique and tells a tale of its ancestry and global travels. Few other stones inspire as much wonder and interest.

Turquoise necklaces choker?

The turquoise necklaces choker is simply enough to layer with other necklaces from your collection! Additionally, turquoise necklaces choker gemstone necklace is the ideal present for your loved ones as a token of your warmest blessing.

Turquoise pendant necklace?

The Turquoise pendant necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is all about the turquoise. The stone is bright blue-green with ribbons of glowing gold brown matrix, and it is set in a smooth sterling silver bezel. The turquoise pendant necklace can be worn with a thin or beaded necklace.

Turquoise beaded necklace?

Our American Indians continue today to make turquoise beaded necklace, heishi beads and beaded turquoise jewelry. Turquoise beaded necklace has become world known around the world as Indian jewelry of the southwest.

Vintage turquoise necklaces?

Accessorize your look with the beautiful vintage turquoise necklaces. The natural turquoise stone is perfect for everyday wear, or for dressing up a special outfit. Vintage turquoise necklace is a great gift for mother, friends, wife.

Navajo turquoise necklaces?

Absolutely gorgeous Navajo turquoise necklaces has a natural turquoise stones with coral barrel shape separators. Navajo turquoise necklaces is Elegant and beautiful Southwestern collectible jewelry, Handmade by the Navajo artisan.